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Vancouver Vs Toronto: Two Canadian Cities Side by Side

toronto vs vancouver
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Relocating from Toronto to Vancouver will give you a fresh look at the Canadian environment as a whole, and you should be ready for the change. Both are large urban centers in Canada, yet each reflects its residents’ unique personalities and values in a distinctive way. Here we will discuss Toronto vs Vancouver – Which is Worth Your Time?

Vancouver Vs Toronto

Since the earliest days of immigration to Canada, Toronto has been a big metropolis, and it remains so to this day, with 25% of Canadians calling it home. Toronto has become a large metropolitan metropolis as the Greater Toronto Area has expanded to include neighboring cities and townships as the city has developed into a cultural and economic hub. As the primary location for so many different sorts of businesses and industries, it is essential for the growth of a wide range of professions.

Toronto vs Vancouver – Which is Worth Your Time?

The availability of national cuisines from throughout the globe, frequently made by persons who have originated in exotic regions with authenticity at the forefront of their preparations, reflects the ethnic variety that arises from such a mélange of interests. Just as one would expect from Canada’s biggest and most varied city, Toronto also has a robust cultural scene, complete with internationally renowned film festivals, dance performances from throughout the globe, and a world-class symphony.

Which City is the Best?

There are several reasons why Vancouver has been named the world’s most livable city. Vancouver is one of the “greenest” cities in Canada. It is because of the way it has incorporated the surrounding area’s natural assets into its layout. They are certain to include several instances of outstanding natural beauty according to their position. Also, the highest proportion of non-native-born people in any city in the world can be found in Vancouver. Vancouver’s multiculturalism is represented in the city’s many art galleries, events, and festivals that pay homage to the city’s many ethnic and racial communities.

Vancouver has long been known as the “Gateway to the Pacific Rim,” and it shows: the city’s Chinatown is the second biggest in North America, and the sheer range of Asian foods available would astound someone relocating from Toronto. With its extensive system of bike lanes and other environmentally friendly initiatives, Vancouver is also a global pioneer in promoting sustainability. Despite the city’s high population density, residents of Vancouver have easy access to the city’s many green spaces, mountains, and the Pacific Ocean. This results in a laid-back vibe as opposed to Toronto’s more serious, businesslike atmosphere. Vancouver’s climate is also far more agreeable than that of Ontario; thus, the city’s many outdoor attractions may be enjoyed throughout the year.


The weather between Vancouver and Toronto is quite different because of the almost 3,300-kilometre distance between them.

Weather Situation in Toronto


The city of Toronto is characterized by its contrasts. In Toronto Extreme cold and snow (about -5C) are common in the winter, and the wind tunnels produced by the city’s tall structures only serve to heighten the chill. In most years, the last of the snow melts in April.

The summers in Toronto are sweltering, with temperatures averaging approximately 27 degrees Celsius and high levels of humidity. The city is mostly made out of concrete, so if you enjoy the heat, you’ll feel right at home here.

Weather Situation in Vancouver


However, Vancouver is a lot more moderate. The city of Vancouver itself gets very little snow (usually about two snowfalls each season), but those in search of powder won’t have any trouble doing it in the nearby mountains.

Instead, there is a lot of rain in Vancouver. Vancouver is affectionately known as “Raincouver” by its inhabitants because of the 165 rainy days it experiences a year. You should be prepared to go without sun for weeks at a time if you want to live in Vancouver.


Activities in Toronto

As I said before, Toronto residents have demanding schedules, so it’s safe to assume that their spare time is limited. In their spare time, they take advantage of everything that the city has to offer. They do it by attending one of the numerous concerts or events hosted there. Also, they enjoy exploring the city’s outstanding and varied dining options. Also, of course, they love partying the night away. If you like partying till the wee hours of the morning, you will love Toronto since its nightlife is significantly more vibrant than that of Vancouver.

Activities in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city focused on health and the outdoors; however, that doesn’t mean its residents don’t enjoy a good meal and a few drinks every now and again. You can’t go very far without passing a yoga studio, SoulCycle, or some other specialized gym. Whether it’s jogging, cycling, rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, hiking, or all of the above, most Vancouverites have at least a few opportunities to enjoy the surrounding environment. Vancouver is situated close to the beach and within 30 minutes of the mountains.

Nightlife exists, although it’s far more subdued than Toronto’s. Vancouverites often go to bed early on Fridays. It is because they are up early the next day, training for a marathon or a mountain climb.

The Price of Property

Vancouver and Toronto, two of Canada’s major cities, are seeing a trend in real estate prices. Also, you can see the population growth that is very comparable to one another. A simple overview of costs and current trends is not only informative but essential for anybody thinking about relocating to either city.

Property Price in Vancouver

The cost of living in Vancouver is so high that it surprises even the ultra-rich. The price of real estate in Bay City makes it almost impossible for a middle-class family to reside there. It is true despite the city’s stunning mountain scenery, spectacular crystal blue water, and suitability for both outdoor lovers and city people. The going rate for a detached Vancouver home with two bedrooms is just around $929,000. In other words, a standard house inside the city boundaries would set you back close to a million dollars. But for those with the financial wherewithal to purchase homes, Vancouver’s recent dramatic increase in real estate prices makes the city stand out as a potentially lucrative investment opportunity. Real estate prices are expected to “level off” in 2014. This might suggest that now is not the greatest time to purchase.

Property Price in Toronto

As opposed to Vancouver, Toronto seems to have lower pricing and more employment openings. The median price of a detached house in Toronto is a cool $686,688. It is a significant discount from the median price of a property in Vancouver. Difference of approximately $250,000! Consumers who make purchasing decisions based only on housing costs would give up their search and immediately relocate to Toronto. But hold on a second. What accounts for such a disparity in the expense of living in these two metropolises?

Just How Much More It Costs

Vancouver’s administration has opened its doors to international investors, making the city a popular destination. The result is that the middle class is becoming squeezed as real estate firms focus on serving the ultra-wealthy. Because of this, property prices have skyrocketed, driving many “normal” families out of the city. In contrast, living in Toronto is far more affordable and convenient. Toronto’s lack of natural beauty is the city’s lone drawback. In this regard, Vancouver is far and away the winner.

In any case, you won’t be let down when spring arrives. Also, the sun makes an appearance either in April or May. Temperatures average roughly 22 degrees Celsius year-round. It is warm but not oppressive. Also, the heat is much less humid than in Toronto because of the city’s proximity to the ocean. After months of apparently unending rain, Vancouverites welcome the summer. They do it with a “waste no second of sunlight” mindset. Also, the city really comes to life during the warm months.


As the annual growth in the average property price in Vancouver makes it less appealing to live there, the city may be a good option for those wanting to invest (if you sell quickly). Vancouver will always remain the place where the rich and healthy choose to settle, even if Toronto has its advantages. So, Toronto vs Vancouver – Which is Worth Your Time? It depends on your preferences.

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