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Picuki: the Instagram buddy you won’t want to live without 

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Are you a millennial or generation X? Whomever you are, you will have that craze for social media apps! Let it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You will have an account there as well! In this blog post, I will tell you about a platform that can help you to download or edit anything from Instagram! “Picuki”.

So, what is it you ought to know about “Picuki”? 


A social media platform that collaborates and eliminates all third-party apps with Instagram! This platform has distinct characteristics, as compared to Instagram, you cannot download any image on Instagram, but on the picuki, you have this opportunity! You can download any post about your favorite celebrity or the other things you like to watch! Furthermore, on this platform, you can see what is trending! In short, it is the best way to entertain yourself in your spare time.  

How does it perform? 

Firstly, make sure you open the app on a web browser. Getting your hands on the platform will allow you to access everything you are looking for! In other words, you can visit anyone’s profile and watch the things you like the most! Before entering another user’s profile, make sure that the user account must be public. In addition, it keeps your privacy in all the conditions!  

Does it have the same algorithm as Instagram? 

Yes, but it has some distinctive qualities compared to Instagram! For example, you can download any post or video clip that you like to watch again. Plus, you can create an account on a platform like Instagram, but you may come to know what is trending. In this way, it is the best one.  

Should you be worried about your personal space? 

The only thing you should know about this platform is that it is completely safe. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about your personal space, it keeps your privacy as same. And for your reminder, this platform is just for public accounts! And if you don’t want to show this account on this platform. So you may interact with the service team that will eliminate your account from the world of picuki!  

One of the most important benefits of this platform is it you can download anything on it.   The most significant loss of this platform is that you cannot make your personal account on it.  
If you like someone’s post and want to see it more than one time, so download it from the picuki You cannot comment on anyone’s post. 
It is anonymous for everyone.  Moreover, you can not give a heart (like) to any post here.  
 There is no mobile app for it.  

Is this platform free to use or does it charge a fee?  

Are you looking to see if this platform is free from cost? So, you may feel to know how it is totally free to use. You can watch anything on this platform without investing money. So, it is a plus point for those who like to use it.  

Here is what it all boils down to: 

As we have come to know that picuki is an Instagram buddy because it has the same characteristics that Instagram has, but some of them are changed. In addition, you cannot make an account on it but have access to the other accounts. In short, it is best to meet all your needs! 

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