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How to Activate Your Wisely Pay Card Online? – A Beginner’s Guide

wisely pay card online activation
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Many have come around with this specific problem how do you activate your wisely pay card? Well, there are two ways that you can do to activate your card! One way is to activate your wisely pay card online, and the other one is by calling them on their helpline!  

In this article, I’d explain how easy it is to activate your card online and why this card is best! So, let’s dig in!  

Why do People opt for Wisely Card?  

Wisely card is becoming more popular day by day as it deals in Mastercard’s and Visa gateway! In order to use this card, you have to fund your account with some amount, and then you can use this card as a way to do transactions!  


With Wisely Pay, you can easily swipe your card to pay for your daily expenses and shopping! You can easily repurchase the value on your card whenever you want!  

How to Activate Your Wisely Pay Card Online?  

(1.) First, you have to click on the link below and visit the wisely pay official website:  

(2.) You must sign up with them before you can activate your card! You can use your Wisely pay card anywhere all over the world! So, what are you waiting for? I am sure that now you are very curious about how to activate your wisely pay card online because I just mentioned that you could use it anywhere! The wonderful thing about this way is that all of this process is free of cost! So, why not give it a try?  

You will never regret once choosing wisely pay as your way of payment!  

(3. ) You can download your card once you sign up!  

After doing all these three things, you will have successfully activated your wisely pay card!  

How to Activate Your Wisely Pay Card by calling Wisely?  

The wisely helpline number is +1-866-313-6901. It is so easy to activate your wisely pay card, but if you are not comfortable using the website or using the well-known method, there is a way that you can call and ask for their helpline! They will surely provide original service to you when they call you.  

Using your Wisely Pay card is easy and convenient!  

The amazing thing about wisely pay is that you can swipe your card at any of the places where you see the logo of MasterCard or Visa.  

 You can use your card in any of the shops, restaurants, entertainment centers, and more!  

In case if you are using the online method, then you can do so by logging on to their official website.  

There is a simple process how to activate your wisely pay card online, and that is that you must first make a payment to them. This will be accepted only as Visa or Mastercard.  

What are the benefits of using this card?  

There are many benefits of using wisely pay as your way of payment, and you will be able to find many pros while using wisely.  

Some of the benefits are given below:  

(1.) You can easily track your balance from the website where you are registered with them!  

(2.) You will get value-added service if you sign up with them! This is how you get it. First, if you make an online purchase, then they will reimburse for the purchase for the things that Wisely covers!  

(3.) You can use a wisely card in any of the places where the Visa or MasterCard logo is visible.  

(4.) You can easily find your nearest ATM location.  

Is there any drawback to a Wisely card?  

(1.) The security feature of this card is not as strong as it should be!  

(2.) You have to have a permanent account with them if you want to use the online method!  

(3.) Wisely card is free of cost, but you need to ensure that you will be able to utilize its benefits in case you decide to make an online purchase.  

How To Deposit Your Funds in Your Wisely Pay Account?  

You can easily deposit your funds in your wisely paid account by doing an online transfer or direct debit from your bank account. You have to register your bank account with wisely pay online. It will be necessary for you to verify that you are a real person by showing a photo of your credit card!   

Wisely account deposit

You will have to follow the process to make an online transfer or direct debit. It is very easy, and only one click is necessary.   

When you register your bank account, they will instantly appear on a list on their website, and you have to click on their logo!   

They will also send you a copy for verification if the bank details are correct. If there are any checks or problems in the list of funds from the account, then they will send it back again.  

So, after successfully depositing your funds, you have to click on their website and put the money on their card! It is that simple!   

Wisely pay is very popular today as a payment method, and many people are using it to make transactions.  

In a nutshell:  

Wisely pay is easy and viable to use! In spite of the fact that it may be your first time using wisely pay, you will never regret using wisely pay as your way of payment. Moreover, you can easily find ATM locations and transfer money from your bank account with Wisely Pay! Visiting their website is enough for you to find their helpline number and activate your wisely pay card online! You can easily buy things with your card in any of the places where you see the logo of Visa or MasterCard!   

The main issue people make when using wisely pay as their way of payment is that they do not know how to activate their card online. My advice would be to follow the steps above and activate your card by registering yourself on their website!  

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