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Do a Barrel Roll 20 Times- Exclusive Google tricks to Expand your knowledge 

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Nowadays, Google has countless games and tricks. Among all the features that Google search engines offer, this is one of the most entertaining ones. Many people are unaware that the Google search engine is effective for more than just searching for information. One of the best tricky games is the “Do a barrel roll 20 times”. Instead of wasting your time searching for random stuff, you can try these special Google tricks! It will not only amuse you but also give you a memorable experience! But the question that comes to mind is; what is “Do a barrel roll 20”? So, let’s take a glimpse at this topic!  

What is “Do a barrel roll 20 times”?  

Do a barrel roll 20

‘Do a barrel roll 20 times’ is a Google trick where you can rotate the webpage within a second! With this trick, you can rotate the Google world without any hassle! It is crucial to learn all the tricks! Some of them are listed below:  

Google Gravity- Trick 1  

Google Gravity

You can crush the homepage with this trick! All you need to do is just write Google gravity in the search engine! After doing this, ignore the autosuggestion and press the button ‘I am luck’, then you will see the magic! It is sure that you will be totally blown away when you discover the cool tricks of Google!  

Thanos- Trick 2 

If you are feeling bored and want to do something entertaining, you should try this hack! This trick is best for Marvel fans because when you write ‘Thanos’ in the search box, it gives a glimpse of the Marvel movie which is awesome! So, if you are a Marvel fan, you should try it!  

Google Sky – Trick 3 

Google Sky

If you are a lover of galaxies and constellations, so this trick is effective for you. Go to the search center and write Google Sky, you will see something exciting! Yes, thrilling means you will see space with stars and celestial objects.  

Joey Tribianni – Trick 4 

Joey Tribianni

You won’t want to miss this if you are a FRIEND’S fan, because it will give you a memorable experience! Furthermore, if you want to see the magic, type Joey Tribianni writer into the search section. You will experience Joey coming alive for the first time after you click the pizza icon after opening it. 

Play Pacman – Trick 5 

Play Pacman

We all love Pacman, isn’t it? You can play it in your browser. Go to the Google homepage and type ‘Pacman’. You can play it by clicking ‘Click here’. The Google search game is one of the best Google tricks (the Google search game). Moreover, it creates fun for you in all situations!  

Flip a coin – Trick 6 

Flip a coin

If you do not have a coin but want to flip it, you do not need to worry about it. Go to the Google homepage and type ‘Flip a coin’ and press the enter button. Now you can toss the coin without having it! And what can be better than this hack? 

Atari breakout – Trick 7 

Atari breakout

This trick can transform your pictures in Google search into a block-breaker game! Go to the search section and type ‘Atari breakout’. After opening this section, go to the images and select one picture, and your game will start after doing this!  

Google Sphere – Trick 8 

Google Sphere

Search for ‘Google sphere’ on the homepage and click ‘I am feeling lucky’! The components of the page will merge into a moving sphere in a couple of seconds! In short, the Google search game is one of those tricks we love! 

Zerg Rush – Trick 9  

Zerg Rush

If you search for ‘Zerg Rush’ in the search engine, you will see a row of zero! You need to click on them to destroy them because if you don’t, you will lose all your search results. There’s no doubt that it’s also a great game to play in your spare time.  

Google Pirate – Trick 10 

Google Pirate

From kids to teenagers to adults, everyone likes pirates, isn’t it? This hack is a cool one! Go to the homepage and type ‘Google pirate’, then you will see magic. All Google searches will appear in the pirate dialect. All these hacks make your search engine more fantastic to use! 

Ross Geller – Trick 11: 

Ross Geller

If you go and search “Ross Geller” on Google, you will see that under the characters from the famous tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S there is a sofa! If you click that sofa, you will hear the sound of Ross Geller Pivot Scream from the iconic scene of buying a new sofa in the episode named PIVOT! And you will see that your Google search screen will also tilt and break! As it’s animated for that!  

Google Mirror – Trick 12: 

Google Mirror

It is one of the best Google tricks in which you can turn everything into a mirror. Go to the search section and type ‘Google trick’ and press ‘I am lucky’ then an amazing scene will come to you, and you would get surprised.  

Speak Klingon – Trick 13: 

Speak Klingon

If you are a Star Trek fan, Google has a Kling version you can take a look at when you have some free time, even if you do not understand anything! This trick got the hype just because of Star Trek and the season named “The Big Bang Theory” in which a group of nerd friends speaks Klingon Ka’Ah! And one of them even tries to create their marriage invitation card in Klingon language! 

Google askew – Trick 14: 

Google askew

Here is another cool Google trick that I would like to show you: when you type ‘askew’ in your Google bar, you will notice that the search bar will tilt. Moreover, you will also get the same result if you type the term ‘tilt’ in your search engine!  

In a nutshell: 

There is more to Google if you go for an in-depth search! Google is not just about searching things up. But it also has some tricks on its sleeve! So, if you want to amuse yourself, then these tricks are perfect for you to spend some time!

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