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Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera in 2023

3 point slingers are the type of straps attached at the camera bottom. These are used to hold the camera comfortably over a non-dominant shoulder. It is better than 2 point slinger in many ways. 2 point slinger adds unnecessary strain on the neck and can imbalance the muscles. It cause pain while the weight is distributed to the body through the shoulder in 3 point slingers. And the photographer can transition it to different angles and capture good quality pics and videos because the camera is securely fixed in a place. It is the best option for carrying heavy cameras.

The point at which the slinger is attached to the bottom is where you can adjust your tripod stand for an outstanding experience. Three-point slinger is a modern invention that lets you multitask while holding the camera. You can go walking, riding in the vehicle, dancing, or doing your other tasks, and the moment you feel the perfect scene, you capture it on your camera. Let’s check out the best camera straps for 2023:

1. Black Rapid Camera Slings:

Bllack Rapid

Black Rapid camera sling is one of the hottest demands of photographers and video makers in the market. It is suitable for approximately every kind of purpose. It is the most expensive camera sling you’ll ever find, as it covers the damage cost if the harness fails and opens up. The price range of the Black Rapid sling starts at $70 at Walmart.

They made it ergonomically so well and have the comfiest and most breathable strap, and your camera can slide through it easily from bottom to top, and you are ready to capture your spontaneous moments. It consists of an underarm stabilizer that holds the shoulder pad in place. The strap length is good and is adjustable as well. It would be best if you tied The FastenR5’s fitting with the camera so that your camera doesn’t fall off. You can have this type of slinger in a black mesh bag. Black Rapid has further introduced its three types which are given below

  1. Black Rapid Breathe Sport
  2. Black Rapid Curve Breathe
  3. Black Rapid Double Breathe


One of the minor issues that people face is that the hanging-down position of the camera runs against people, and you must unscrew the strap first and then place it on a tripod.

2. Altura Rapid Fire Neck Strap:

Altura Rapid Fire

The Altura strap is one of the most simple and economical three-pointed camera slingers. They made Altura ergonomically well, which is adjustable and easy to use. People gave quite a rating to this product. It has a shoulder pad with a zipped pocket to store small items like money, batteries, cards, etc. 

The shoulder strap is made up of plastic which is not so durable; this could be the reason it’s cheaper as compared to other slingers. It is only $15, and you can choose it as the best budget slinger. It could be the best option for beginner photographers. You can attach the camera with a tripod without removing the camera plate. This quick-release design makes this slinger a travel and adventure buddy.


One of the most significant drawbacks of the Altura strap is that there is no proper locking system between the belt and the camera, the safety tether is weak, and your expensive camera can fall off, and they don’t cover your loss.

3. Waka:

Waka is quite popular among customers. It is comfortable, high quality, and easy to use, and you can get it at only $16.99. It has a shoulder pad and waist built for your comfort level. An anti-slippery and air-passing Neoprene shoulder pad that you can hang on either side of the shoulder, and it equally distributes the weight throughout the body. You can put camera accessories and small things in the shoulder pad pocket.

Waka is an adjustable camera slinger with a size range of 20.8 to 31.5. Robust stainless steel clasps are present for a firmer grip. It has a solid metal quick plate, so you can place your camera on the tripod without removing the mount base. Waka has a strong and secure tether system. Adjust the buckles and use the camera according to your choice.

4. Ocim:

The Ocim slinger is on the hot-selling list due to its high quality. It is cheaper than the most expensive and high-quality brand camera slinger like BlackRapid, so it’s better to invest in the Ocim camera strap. It has a solid adjustable strap with a fixed, breathable shoulder pad. 

A safety strap is also present along with a slinger to help you hold the camera firmly and gives extra safety. The safety is enhanced with the metal clip lock. The shoulder pad doesn’t have a pocket to hold things up. You can get it for $13 only, which is relatively lower than other camera slingers.

5.Foto And Tech Slinger:

Foto and Tech is one of the finest slingers, which gives you comfort and an adjustable strap over the shoulder. It can hold a weight of up to 300kg and is widely used at official events and adventures like hiking. The shoulder pad is soft, strong, breathable, and non-slippery, which makes it high quality. 

It has three quick-release buckles and a built-in water-repellent sling, so it’ll be safe to use in the rain. They don’t have a pocket in them, but they have a clip to hang a pen there. The tether strap gives extra security to the camera. You can get in for only in $20.


We have already described all aspects of the best 3 point slingers for cameras above. So it’s up to the customer what he is looking for exactly. But we suggest you buy a Black Rapid camera sling. Although it’s a bit expensive, it is made up of strong and durable material, and it covers the loss that may be caused due to the defect in a sling. The second best option is the Waka camera slinger, which is robust, economical, and has many other features.

Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 – (2022 Update)

In search of a fun and useful piece of software for your gaming PC? In this famous strategy game, players on both teams must cooperate to remove their opponents. To win against the computer-controlled opposition, players must use a wide variety of strategies and strategies put to the test in this game. Here, you will find the Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 – (2022 Update).

 Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2

A significant portion of my life has been spent working with computers and other technological devices, and I’d like to share my thoughts on that topic today. Surprisingly, my expertise in the game CS is my strongest suit. I’d want to share with you the insights that have earned me the title of “expert” in this particular area of the game. I’m more interested in helping you master it than anything else. I’d also want to talk about how it’s changed my life and how it can change other people’s.

The most competitive play of Counter-Strike takes place on specialized gaming PCs. The gameplay is a first-person shooter with tactical components that allow players to alter their movement, fire, and defense. In this game, players take on the roles of either terrorists or counter-terrorists. The team that accomplishes most of its mission goals or which eliminates most of its opponents over the course of a number of rounds is declared the victor. Gameplay is quick and dynamic, changing both between and within rounds and based on the placement of your teammates. If you want to avoid framerate drops and other interruptions, playing on a dedicated gaming PC is a must.

Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 – (2022 Update)

Mastering the optimal arcs and locations for your smoke grenade launches on Dust 2, one of most CS: GO’s played levels, may significantly boost your performance. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, smoke grenades are a crucial part of any arsenal. You may use them to obstruct your opponent’s line of sight or to form your own angles of attack in any fight.

More than that, they are crucial in CS: GO for advancing in certain zones. Knowing the finest smoke areas in a crucial map like Dust 2 gives you a significant advantage over your opponents, regardless of whether you are a novice player just starting out or a seasoned pro with years of expertise. If you’re also interested in Grenade Spots in Dust 2, but you’ve come to the wrong CS: GO guide, we have a dedicated guide for them as well.

CT Spawn that you can perform from Short

We can no longer see the A Site from CT Spawn since a second cloud of smoke has appeared above Dust 2. When promoting A site, this smoke bomb is a must. The rotation of CTs away from A during brief pushes is halted by this. In addition, it may obstruct the view from Mid onto A Cross, letting your squad sneak over from A Long onto the A Site.

A Short on Dust 2’s smoke toss may be used.

A Short that the players have to perform from Mid

We’ll investigate A-short angle blocks now. You terrorists will advance the A Bomb Site from this direction. So, the CTs are keeping a careful eye on it. Tossing this smoke about will obscure the view for any CTs stationed at A Site, forcing them to move. The time has come for you and your crew to sweep in and seize control of the facility.

A Short Default

Our next default smoke location is Dust 2’s A Short angle. Tossing this smoke bomb will be your standard procedure if you need to force A Short. Similar to the ‘A Short from Mid’ cigarette ad, it is effective. The smoke toss from A Short is beyond your capabilities.

A CT Cross #1 possible from Long

You can go over from Long to the A Site by lighting up the A Cross smoke spot on Dust 2. It protects you against AWPers in CT Base and CT Mid. Also, it ensures safety against A Short, at least to some extent.

However, two smoke grenade tosses are needed to smoke this position on Dust 2. Starting with A Long, the first may be carried out in the manner shown below.

CT Spawn executable from A Long

Covering the passage from CT Spawn to A Site, this is a great location for smoking in Dust 2. So it’s very much like the last two smoke tosses, except that it leaves the A Short angle wide open. If your group is attempting an A Short and A Long split push and wants to help each other get in, this strategy might come in handy.

The smoke throw is an A Long move.

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Putting it into practice is the key. Use the sniper one to hone your skills and always be ready for battle by learning to kill foes quickly and accurately. It would be an added bonus if you could perfect utilizing your handgun to kill adversaries with headshots. Not to oversell, but you could experiment with different weapons, but this is the best possible combination.

Of course, this has a major bearing on my daily existence. I learned more about working with others and taking a loss in stride than anything else. In a video game, there is no pressure or judgment, so you may relax and play as you normally would. From a purely subjective standpoint, I think it would be a great place to grow up. It may have helped me become more computer aware as well. I don’t think it’s harmful to anybody, despite the fact that it has a violent connotation. To my knowledge, it has not caused me to act violently against anybody. Actually, it had the opposite effect and made me more empathetic, kind, and open.

Many people believe that having at least the suggested system is required to get the most out of a CS experience. In the eyes of some, you’re not a true gamer until you mod. By investing in a dedicated gaming PC, you can get the optimal setup and access all the customization options you could ever want. Console versions of CS (such as Xbox) are not moddable.

This finishes our recommendations for the optimal smoke locations and angles to improve your CS: GO performance. Let us know how these Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 – (2022 Update) served you. Also, whether you now feel compelled to carry about a spare smoke grenade at all times.

Starbucks Under the Sea Refresher (Step-by-Step Guide) 

Do you have a craze for tropical drinks? If yes, then you are going to love Starbucks under the sea refresher that lies in this blog post! But first, let’s talk about what tropical drinks are there that you can get from Starbucks!  

Starbucks & their Tropical Drinks: 

There are many drinks that you can get from Starbucks, and some of them are given below: 

Pineapple Passion Fruit & Paradise Drink Starbucks Refreshers beverages: 

Pineapple Passion Fruit

Summer is in full swing, and Starbucks customers love the refreshing flavors of Starbucks Refreshers beverages. The new Pineapple Passionfruit Starbucks Refreshers® beverage features all the summer vibes with hand-shaken pineapple and passion fruit, real diced pineapple pieces, and a unique iced beverage that is 100 calories for a Grande (16 fl oz).  

Besides making your favorite Starbucks Refreshers drink even better with coconut milk-the new coconut milk Pineapple Passion fruit Starbucks Refreshers beverage adds a creamy, dreamy, tropical touch that everyone will enjoy.  

Summer-Inspired Drink Ware: 

From now through the end of summer, Starbucks is excited to provide its guests with new, seasonal beverages and merchandise to enjoy. Customers can bring their own favorite water bottle or cup into participating stores free of charge and exchange it for a 16 oz cold cup, or purchase one for only 75 cents! Meaning that you can get that summer vibes while holding their tropical drinks. 

Under the Sea Refresher Starbucks (a made-up drink but irresistible): 

In July 2021, a drink appeared from nowhere on TikTok named Under the sea refresher, that video was posted by a girl named Hannah, and she was claiming that she got that drink from Starbucks! And many of her users were influenced by her video and they started rushing out to Starbucks just to order this drink! And what do they get in the back? A no for an answer as there was no such drink under that name available at Starbucks! So, her user started to ask her questions, and some allegedly call her a liar!  

And after some passing weeks, she made another video in which she explained; that video was nothing but a hoax! But people still wanted to try that drink out! And then she posted another video that was on how to make Starbucks under the sea refresher.  

And now I will tell you how you can make that drink for yourself as well! 



Blue Gatorade 

Gummy Bears 

Sugar (if needed) 

And some ice cubes 

Step-by-step guide: 

Step # 1 

Grab a grinder 

Step # 2 

Now grab your ingredients which were sprite, blue Gatorade gummy bears, and some ice cubes! 

Step # 3 

Add those ingredients into the jug and if you like more sweetness, so add some sugar as well! 

Step #4 

Grind them properly 

Step # 5 

Add them to the glass, and they are ready to serve! 

There you have it, your tropical Hawaiian drink! 

Starbucks Summer Flavors are in the Grocery Aisle: 

You can find some drinks in the aisle of Starbucks as well! As they are ready to be served instantly. No need to stay in the queue! All you have to do is to go there and grab your drink and pay! What flavors can you get? Well, right now Starbucks is only giving out these three drinks as canned beverages, which are Pineapple Passionfruit, Mango Guava, and Raspberry Lime! Moreover, you can get these drinks from any other grocery store, as they also deal in retail now!