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How To Bypass Yahoo Verification?

Yahoo Message is still regarded as the game’s original old goat, even if there are now numerous choices for sending mail and conducting business. It was all we had back in the day for email, and many of us still have accounts there now.

Yahoo! modified its “Terms of Service” in 2007 and started requesting a call from each user to verify their account. Since then, many people have asked Yahoo! for advice, telling them to avoid utilizing this technique. The option to add a phone number verification option will never be removed, according to Yahoo! Since the phone number is a legal form of identity and is not required, it also goes against their terms of service. Some people dislike the process of phone number verification and would rather stick with the email method they have been using.

This article will explain how to get around Yahoo Phone number verification and log in with a Yahoo Mail account.

Why is Yahoo Phone Number Verification Critical?

The user must verify their identity by providing their cell number during a crucial phase called Yahoo phone number verification. A text message or an automated call is used to do this. Yahoo has made it essential for users to authenticate their cell numbers to guarantee that only authorized customers may access its services. Yahoo will prevent a user from utilizing its services in the future if they seek to use them illegally or as spammers without a valid reason.

This prevents spammers from using Yahoo’s services to send messages to unrelated people. Many businesses use this type of verification to ensure that only authorized users use their services and that spammers or hackers seeking to distribute viruses do not do so. It will avoid future legal issues while also saving time and money. Additionally, you’ll be able to increase security by validating the number. You may prevent unauthorized access to your account. You now understand the need for Yahoo phone verification. Let’s get started if you still want to know how to avoid Yahoo phone verification.

How Can We Get Around Yahoo Phone Verification?

Customers must validate their phone number when registering for a new Yahoo account since the security feature needs Yahoo to authenticate their email addresses. This can stop unauthorized access to your account and other fraudulent activity.

When you sign in to create a new Yahoo account or change your password to confirm your identity, you can skip this step if your phone number has previously been confirmed. You can discover ways to prevent it if you don’t have a smartphone or don’t intend to use it for this purpose.

Make Use Of An App Like Google Voice Or TextNow:

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you may call your phone number from another device using an app like Google Voice or Text Now. Additionally, you may use these programs to send free messages from your laptop. These programs help avoid the need for any verification codes offered by any service or website provider. Yahoo email signup is simple. To join up for Yahoo Mail using TextNow and Google voice, follow these steps:

Utilizing TextNow:

  • The first thing to do is download the TextNow application. To download the TextNow application on Android, go here. For iPhone, go here and for a browser, go to Textnow.com.
  • After downloading the TextNow application, follow the prompt on the screen to sign up for the account. Do not enter the number that you see during the set-up process, as you will need this number during the signup process of Yahoo Mail.
  • If you still need to write your number down, do not fret. Click on the three-line at the top left of the App.
  • You now have the number; let’s make an account with Yahoo email with this number.
  • Go to Yahoo.com and click “Sign In” in the top-right corner.
  • Next, click Create a New Account.
  • Enter the information such as first name, last name, and password for an email address, and then in the phone number field, type in the number you obtained from the text and click Continue.
  • In the next moment, Yahoo will send the verification code to the TextNow phone number you provided. Start the TextNow application and then view the text message that Yahoo sends and then copy and paste the verification code.
  • Enter the verification code in Yahoo and then click Continue.

Your account is entirely set up now. You can enjoy the benefits of the Yahoo email account.

Using Google Voice:

  • To obtain a Google Voice number, visit voice.google.com and sign up using the details of your Gmail account.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and click Continue.
  • Search for the number you’re looking for using your Zip and city codes.
  • Choose the number you’d like to use out of the options, click Next, then follow the prompt on the screen to establish the account.

You obtained the number through Google Now. You can do yahoo registration by using this number.

Follow the four first steps above. Then visit voice.google.com, go to messages within Google Voice, copy the verification code, paste it into Yahoo, and click Continue.

Not A US Citizen

Google Voice and such third-party apps only function with US phone numbers. Therefore, logging into these applications can be difficult for you if you’re not a US citizen. In this situation, you may utilize other methods mentioned below to bypass Yahoo verification.

Use Another Email Address:

If you are not willing to use any third-party application or service to accomplish this, then you can use a different email address to log in instead of the one you have. This will enable you to skip this step without difficulty! Let’s talk about how to join Yahoo email with another email address.

Making an email account with a Yahoo email account by using a different Gmail and Outlook mail address can be simple. Follow these steps:

  • Log on to Yahoo.com and click Log in.
  • Select “Create an account”.
  • Click “I would like to use my existing mail address.”
  • Input the details of First Name, Last Name, Email Address (Gmail, Outlook email), password, date of birth, and Click Continue.
  • Yahoo will email you the verification code via your entered email address.
  • Enter the verification code, or click the link within the email to verify.

Your account is now created, and you can access the email you received.

You Can Use Any VoIP service Like Skype Or Viber!

VoIP service Apps

You can use a VoIP service like Skype, Viber, etc., to complete the verification without using your phone or dialing your cell number. The easiest way to get around email verification is to do it this way. To use one of these apps, download it to your phone, sign in using your Yahoo account, and then key in the code on the screen. The verification process for your Yahoo account will begin once you have input the code.

The only problem with this approach is that it can take some time for the application to connect to your mobile network provider, and that connection might be slower than usual. But this is a great option if you’re not in a rush!

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There are techniques to avoid Yahoo number authentication, as described in the previous sentence. We advise utilizing call-based anonymity tools like Google Voice and TextNow. The majority of these applications are free, and you even have the option to get a brand-new phone number that you may use in conjunction with your Yahoo account. You can also avoid the process by using a different email address or opening a new Yahoo account without phone verification. We’ve offered several ways to accomplish this effortlessly because we know you’d prefer to bypass this tedious procedure.

Why does Yahoo Require A Phone Number To Verify Your Identity?

Yahoo will need your phone number to verify that a real person has used the account—it may sound strange—but this is necessary. The purpose of this is to protect your privacy and the privacy of other users. This increases the difficulty of stealing from Yahoo. To conduct the following, Yahoo will want your phone number.

To Confirm That You Are A Human:

As we’ve already discussed, Yahoo needs a phone number to ensure that only a real person uses your account. You also must enter some personal information when requesting a Google account, including your name, birthdate, and gender. Yahoo still needs to be convinced, even if all of this can prove your humanity. Yahoo will therefore text a verification code to your phone.

To Control Spam Accounts:

To ensure you are not a robot, Yahoo requests your address. The number of accounts Yahoo allows to manage spam accounts has been the subject of speculation. Google will notify you through email if you reach a certain account balance. This is a very effective way to eliminate spam accounts.

To Prevent Hacking:

Every time you sign into the account you established, Yahoo runs a risk analysis. It will ask you the security questions you had to answer when joining up if it notices any strange behavior. Two-step verification is an alternative option. By providing an authentication code to the account owner if it notices suspicious behavior, such as a login from a different device, a different account, an unknown IP address, or a different address, this technique is intended to stop unauthorized logins.

Recovering Accounts:

While creating an account, Yahoo will prompt users to select a recovery option. Using your number is the safest course of action. Google can send you a code reset if your account is hacked and your password changes. After that, you will have access to and control over your account.

How to see photos you liked on Instagram?

Do you want to see the photos you liked on Instagram, but don’t know how? So this article is specially written for you. In this article, we will talk about how you can see your liked photos on Instagram, regardless of whether you are using a smartphone or a computer.

Instagram has one billion monthly users with great experiences. As a meta-owned app, an Instagram app also adds new features like Stories. There is no doubt that the basic interactions on Instagram are quite simple, people interact with one another by commenting on different posts, liking others’ photos and videos, and also sharing with their friends and social circle.

Sometimes, you need to go back to Instagram to see photos or posts you liked. As it is easy to do with other major social networks, it is also easy to do with Instagram as well. On Instagram, you can find your most recently liked photos in a place you can find instructions below.

How to see photos you liked on Instagram?

Instagram has a useful feature like Facebook through which you can see the previous photos you liked. Some people know about this but most users have no idea about this useful feature. You can do this by going to the settings option on Instagram. It’s a quite simple process and easily you can see your liked photos.

Also, you can, unlike past posts without having to recall and search for a specific post manually. You can easily find posts you’ve liked on your smartphone or also on websites. We are going to discuss the process to find or see your liked photos on Instagram through mobile and on your PC. Here are the steps you need to follow:

On mobile: How to see photos you liked on Instagram?

Here are some steps you have to follow to see your liked photos on Instagram when you are using them on your smartphone.


1. Open Instagram app

The first step is to open your Instagram app from your smartphone and log in to your account.

2. Click on the “Menu” button


When you log into your Instagram account the next thing is to click on the menu button as there are three lines at the top right corner of the Instagram interface. When you click on that icon, the menu will open. 
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3. Go to “Your activity”

Your Activity

When you open the “Menu” there are many options, such as a “Setting” option, “Your Activity” and so on. Here comes the third step, which is to click on “Your Activity”.

If we talk about the previous version of the Instagram app, there is no option to see your previously liked photos in the menu. In 2022, Instagram added this option to the menu bar. So now we can all easily access our previously liked photos on Instagram by clicking on the “Your Activity” option.

4. Click on “Interactions”


Once you tap “Your activity”, you’ll be taken to the “Your activity” page. You can manage your activities on this page. You can review and manage your photos, videos, Instagram account, and all other activities here.

The first thing you need to do is to click on “Interactions” so you can review and remove likes, comments, and other interactions. You can see your recent searches, and also check your time spent on the app.

5. Tap on “Likes”


When you have come to the “Interaction pages”. It will show four options as

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Story reply
  • Reviews

The next thing is to click on the “Likes” option.

6. See your liked posts on Instagram

When you click on “Likes”, you will be able to see a list of your previously liked photos. Your photos are stored in the “Newest to Oldest” sequence.

In this case, you will be able to see all of the photos that you have recently liked at the very top of the page. And you can see your previously liked photos at the bottom line of the page.

How can you see photos you previously liked first?

There is also another option that you can arrange the posts by newest to oldest if you want to see the first post you liked. To do so, click on the drop-down menu under ‘Sort & filter’ and then find ‘Sort by’, turn on ‘Oldest to newest’, and click ‘Apply’. If you’re looking for a post that you liked during a particular period, you can also sort the start and end dates.

On PC: How to see photos you liked on Instagram?

If we talk about Windows PC, unfortunately, there is no option for an Instagram PC version. So, you can’t see your liked photos on Windows. But every problem has a solution. In this article, we are going to tell you about a solution, and how you can do it.

The layout is a Chrome Extension that we will use for this purpose. The web version of Instagram changes its layout as it sounds. It also adds a few features that have not yet been officially launched, one of which is to see likes on Instagram.

  • The first thing is to go to the search bar and write Layoutify chrome extension
  • After that, click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • As soon as the extension has been downloaded, you will receive a notification that it has been installed. The next step is to visit the Instagram website.
  • When you move towards the Instagram website, just click on three dots as are on the top right corner of the interface.
  • After that, a new window will open.
  • From here you can see photos you liked.

Is it possible to check likes through third party apps?

Most likely not! It’s because third-party websites like Picuki forbid users from creating accounts there; without an account, users are unable to interact with posts or view their interactions. However, Picuki does allow you to download stories or posts from any public profile on Instagram. Additionally, this site’s posts can be edited.


If we discuss the old version of Instagram, there is no option to see photos you previously liked. So, Instagram modifies certain settings from time to time and always comes up with new functions and updated versions.

From early 2022, Instagram will show your liked photos under “Your activity”. So it means you cannot see your liked photos in the settings option. As a result of this change, many users were unable to find their liked photos.

You can access the “Your Activity” feature by tapping on the menu icon on your Instagram profile. It may take a few seconds, and you will be able to see photos you liked. You can also see the photos you liked on PC by using a “Layoutify Chrome Extension”.

Instagram will allow you to see only 300 of your most recently liked photos. Therefore, you will not be able to see old photos you liked. The amount of photos you like depends on how active you are on Instagram. In this article, we have discussed a complete guide on how you can see photos you liked. This article and our comprehensive guide will hopefully be of great help to you.

Picuki: the Instagram buddy you won’t want to live without 

Are you a millennial or generation X? Whomever you are, you will have that craze for social media apps! Let it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You will have an account there as well! In this blog post, I will tell you about a platform that can help you to download or edit anything from Instagram! “Picuki”.

So, what is it you ought to know about “Picuki”? 


A social media platform that collaborates and eliminates all third-party apps with Instagram! This platform has distinct characteristics, as compared to Instagram, you cannot download any image on Instagram, but on the picuki, you have this opportunity! You can download any post about your favorite celebrity or the other things you like to watch! Furthermore, on this platform, you can see what is trending! In short, it is the best way to entertain yourself in your spare time.  

How does it perform? 

Firstly, make sure you open the app on a web browser. Getting your hands on the platform will allow you to access everything you are looking for! In other words, you can visit anyone’s profile and watch the things you like the most! Before entering another user’s profile, make sure that the user account must be public. In addition, it keeps your privacy in all the conditions!  

Does it have the same algorithm as Instagram? 

Yes, but it has some distinctive qualities compared to Instagram! For example, you can download any post or video clip that you like to watch again. Plus, you can create an account on a platform like Instagram, but you may come to know what is trending. In this way, it is the best one.  

Should you be worried about your personal space? 

The only thing you should know about this platform is that it is completely safe. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about your personal space, it keeps your privacy as same. And for your reminder, this platform is just for public accounts! And if you don’t want to show this account on this platform. So you may interact with the service team that will eliminate your account from the world of picuki!  

One of the most important benefits of this platform is it you can download anything on it.   The most significant loss of this platform is that you cannot make your personal account on it.  
If you like someone’s post and want to see it more than one time, so download it from the picuki You cannot comment on anyone’s post. 
It is anonymous for everyone.  Moreover, you can not give a heart (like) to any post here.  
 There is no mobile app for it.  

Is this platform free to use or does it charge a fee?  

Are you looking to see if this platform is free from cost? So, you may feel to know how it is totally free to use. You can watch anything on this platform without investing money. So, it is a plus point for those who like to use it.  

Here is what it all boils down to: 

As we have come to know that picuki is an Instagram buddy because it has the same characteristics that Instagram has, but some of them are changed. In addition, you cannot make an account on it but have access to the other accounts. In short, it is best to meet all your needs!