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Starbucks Secret Menu: 17+ Drinks to Order in 2023

The secret menu is something that is available in every well-standard restaurant. Likewise, the secret menu of Starbucks offers a lot of goodies that aren’t offered on the main menu of many restaurants.

Moreover, Starbucks has offered many yummy drinks on its main menu throughout the years, and customers have found many different ways to make these drinks even more special. 

What is the Starbucks Secret Menu? 

You must be aware of the Starbucks Secret Menu in order to order items from it. It is like a speakeasy menu. In addition, the crucial thing you need to know about the Starbucks secret menu is that it does not exist as an official Starbucks list. 

Way to order Starbucks Secret Menu:

The best way to order any item from Starbucks’ Secret Menu is to look it up online beforehand; that way, you will know what you need to ask for before ordering.

A variety of drinks can be found on Starbucks’ Secret Menu, but only some locations will know the drink’s name.

Suppose you want to order something from the Starbucks Secret Menu. In that case, you may have to tell your Starbucks barista exactly what ingredients go into each drink, for example, how many pumps of each syrup, what flavors you want, and how many additional shots you want.

Here are 17+ Starbucks secret menu items, their ingredients, and exactly how to order them. 

1. Blackberry Cobbler Frappuccino

Blackberry Cobbler Frappuccino

Honestly, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Adding more vanilla to your Frapp will enhance the flavor, so if you like it sweeter, ask for one more scoop.


  • Order the Starbucks Frappuccino with Vanilla Bean Crème from the regular Starbucks menu.
  • Add two pumps of white mocha syrup to a venti, one to a large and one to a tall one.
  • Add blackberries.

2. Cap’n crunch frappuccino:

Cap’n crunch frappuccino

You’ll love this if you like Cap’n Crunch frappuccino! The taste of this Frappuccino is just like the one you’d find at a breakfast counter in the morning, it’s delicious! 


  • Strawberry & Creme Frappuccino will be the base of this Frappuccino.  
  • Add caramel, hazelnut, and toffee syrups. 
  • For a wild flavor, add Java chips.

3. Witches Brew Iced Tea

Witches Brew Iced Tea

Witches’ brew is a much tamer recipe than other witches’ brew recipes we’ve seen in the past. Here are the ingredients for the menu.


  • Order an Iced Passion Tea
  • Add liquid cane sugar to the mixture
  • Make sure you get soy milk instead of water
  • Top with matcha foam

4. Marble Mocha Machiatto

Marble Mocha Machiatto

If you love the mocha and white chocolate. You’re gonna enjoy marble mocha macchiato. This delicious drink is a secret menu of Starbucks and can be enjoyed either hot or cold.


  • Ask the barista to add white chocolate mocha sauce to steamed milk.
  • Add two shots of espresso over the milk and blend.
  • Add whipped cream and sprinkle mocha or caramel drizzle over it.

5. Cake Batter Frappuccino

Cake Batter Frappuccino

It is also possible to order a cake batter Frappuccino from Starbucks similarly. Moreover, this flavor relies on the cake in the Frappuccino for its uniqueness!


  • Order a vanilla creme Frappuccino
  • Add a shot of hazelnut syrup and blend it
  • Topped with whipped cream

6. Dragonfruit Breeze

Dragonfruit Breeze

Adding ice and blending it is the secret to making this drink. Then blend it again. There is no need for actual dragons to make this recipe.


  • Order a Venti Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade
  • Make sure there’s enough ice
  • Double-blend your drink

7. Grasshopper Frappuccino

Grasshopper Frappuccino

There is no doubt that you have seen the grasshopper Frappuccino before, as it is very similar to a zombie Frappuccino. Although it looks less appealing, but this green drink is genuinely delicious. 


  • Order a mocha Frappuccino
  • Add a shot of peppermint syrup 
  • Add java chips

8. Iced Matcha Chai Latte

Iced Matcha Chai Latte

The combination of two powerful flavors makes this latte so unique and special. The thought of a creamy chai donut with this dish is too delicious not to imagine how yummy it would be with it. 

Let’s take a slight glimpse at the ingredients of this dish! 


  • Get a Venti Iced Matcha green tea latte
  • Sub for almond milk
  • Add one pump of chai

9. Red Drink

Red Drink

Secret menu drinks can have ten names, but some end up with a name like “Red Drink.” Let’s see what makes it more delicious.


  • Order a Grande Blended strawberry Lemonade
  • Make sure you get extra pureed strawberries
  • Add four scoops of strawberries
  • Ask for double blending

10. Skittles Frappuccino 

Skittles Frappuccino

Skittles is one of the best sweets that exist, so you can’t get a better drink than Skittles Frappuccino if you love it just as much as I do. 


  • Begin with strawberries and crème Frappuccino
  • Swap the classic syrup for raspberry syrup
  • On top, pour vanilla and raspberry syrups.

11. Bubblegum Frappuccino

Bubblegum Frappuccino

A great summer flavor is bubblegum, and Starbucks’ bubblegum Frappuccino is also very easy to order. It is not only delicious, but it also looks spectacular, meaning it would make a great addition to your Instagram story. 

Ingredients and recipe:

  1. Add the milk, bubblegum syrup, and vanilla frappe powder to a blender.
  2. Pour ice into the blender and blend for 30 seconds or until smooth.
  3. Top the blender contents with whipped cream and pour the contents into a cup.
  4. Sprinkle sugar strands and bubblegum sauce on top.

12. Candy Cane Cold Brew

Candy Cane Cold Brew

Getting your day started with this peppermint drink is the perfect way to start the day. 


  • Order a Venti Sweet cream cold foam cold brew
  • Ask for no vanilla
  • Add four pumps of white mocha syrup
  • Add two pumps of peppermint syrup
  • Ask for two pumps of peppermint in the cold foam
  • You can ask for a holiday topping (seasonal)

13. Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

Cheesecake is one of the most famous cakes in the world. Let’s add some strawberries and toss them in a blender; that will give us a straw. 


  • Order a Grande Strawberry Creme Frappucino 
  • Add hazelnut syrup (one pump)
  • After this, add strawberry inclusions blended in
  • Add graham cracker topping to your cup (seasonal)
  • Then, add strawberry inclusions and whipped cream to the top

14. Cookies and Cream Cold Brew

Cookies and Cream Cold Brew

Swedish Fish cold brew sounds excellent, but nothing can beat cookies and cream.


  • Order a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew
  • Add two pumps of vanilla
  • Then, add four pumps of white mocha
  • Add two pumps of mocha to the cold foam
  • Top with mocha cookie crumbles

15. Nutella Drink

Nutella Drink

Starbucks has a unique item on its secret menu called the Starbucks Nutella drink, and it is one of its most popular choices.


  • Order a Caffe Misto.
  • Adding a pump of Starbucks’s chocolate and hazelnut syrup 
  • Top with a caramel drizzle (optional)

16. Harry Potter Butterbeer Frappuccino

Harry Potter Butterbeer Frappuccino

Harry Potter is one of the most popular films and books ever produced and has been a part of many school programs. This universe has inspired theme parks, and new drinks have been created to recreate the famous Butterbeer. 

Here’s a Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer Frappuccino. 


  • Start with a vanilla crème Frappuccino.
  • Add three pumps of caramel syrup  
  • Add three pumps of toffee-nut syrup 
  • Whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top

17. Purple Drink

Purple Drink

A secret menu drink’s dream came true when the Pink Drink was brought to the official menu: it became one of the best drinks ever. 


  • Order a Venti Passion Iced Tea with no water
  • Add coconut milk
  • Add vanilla syrup
  • Top with one scoop of blackberries

18. Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino

Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino

Ferrero Rocher is an excellent choice if you are looking for a holiday chocolate treat. Let’s take a look at its ingredients. 


  • Order a Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.
  • Adding 2–3 pumps of mocha syrup and 1-2 pumps of hazelnut syrup 
  • Top with hazelnut drizzle.

In a nutshell:

You will find this article very useful if you are a Starbucks customer interested in knowing Starbucks’ secret menu. The blog post will provide you with a comprehensive overview of everything from the ingredients to the order process!

How to order a Marble Mocha Macchiato at Starbucks

To order a Marble Mocha Macchiato, ask your barista for a “Marble Mocha Macchiato.” This unique beverage combines espresso, steamed milk, and mocha sauce with swirls of white chocolate and dark chocolate syrup.

Once you have placed your order, the barista will prepare your drink using two shots of espresso combined with steamed milk and mocha sauce. The white and dark chocolate syrups are then swirled into the drink to give it its signature marbled appearance. To top off the drink, whipped cream can be added with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon.

When ordering this special beverage, specify how much sweetness you would like in the drink and how much milk and foam you would like. This way, your barista can customize the drink to your taste.

Marble Mocha Macchiato at Starbucks

Are you ready to try something new and delicious? If so, you’ll love the Marble Mocha Macchiato from Starbucks! This decadent drink is a secret menu item that combines two of our most popular flavors—mocha and white chocolate—for an unforgettable experience.

To order your Marble Mocha Macchiato, tell your barista, “I’d like a Marble Mocha Macchiato, please.” They will then start making an espresso-based mocha with both espresso shots and steamed milk. Next, they will add a shot of white mocha syrup before topping it off with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

Ask your barista to add some vanilla syrup or a sprinkle of cinnamon for those looking for something extra. No matter how you customize it, the Marble Mocha Macchiato will satisfy your sweet tooth! So next time you’re at Starbucks, remember to try this delicious secret menu item.

Marble Mocha Recipe:

First, let’s see the ingredients list so that we can make the delicious drink Marble Mocha, which is:

  • Caramel Macchiato
  • White Mocha Sauce
  • Mocha Drizzle
  • Caramel Drizzle

Follow the following steps to make a Starbucks drink (hot or cold):

  • First of all, prepare some steamed milk
  • Add two shots of espresso
  • Add white mocha for sweetness
  • Add the mocha drizzle to enhance the flavor or the caramel drizzle together.
  • Mix well, and foam will appear.
  • The delicious Marble Mocha Macchiato is ready to serve.

 What Is Starbucks Secret Menu?

The Starbucks secret menu is the menu that Starbucks should have created by itself. Instead, the customers and baristas made it, and more customers were attracted and demanded it when the drink became famous. One example is the Marble Mocha Macchiato. Before making your barista go the extra mile and make a drink according to your way, please give them a tip according to the hard work; they did making the drink.

If you want to order something, and it’s not on the official menu list of Starbucks, then you can make the barista create it by telling them your favorite ingredients, or you can show them the pic or video of some popular drinks with the ingredient list.

Starbucks under the Sea Refresher:

Starbucks under the sea refresher got popular on the internet as the Starbucks drink because the girl was enjoying it in a Starbucks cup. According to the name, the drink is blue like the ocean, and gummies float at the bottom of it. When people visited Starbucks, it was not on the menu. After some time, the girl revealed that it was not some Starbucks drink, but you could make it home.

Final thoughts:

In this article, we have discussed Starbucks Marble Mocha Macchiato, what it is made up of? How Starbucks makes it? And how you can add or change things according to your taste? Now that you know all about this drink, you can order it with certain good quality and taste.

Magic Spoon Cereal – A Brief 2023 Review

Is there a cereal called Magic Spoon Cereal that you have never heard of? In other words, it is gluten-free and sugar-free, and there does not seem to be any guilt associated with it. There is also colorful packaging that appeals to adults who are missing those favorite cereals from their childhood. In that case, what really are magic spoon cereal ingredients, and can it truly be called “healthy”? Is it superior to “normal” breakfast cereal? As a registered dietitian specializing in intuitive eating, I’ll discuss all of this and more.

All problems disappear when you eat cereal. Lacking in enthusiasm? Get a bowl of cereal. Need something to eat very late at night? Get yourself some cereal. Hungover? Grab some milk and cereal. Our love of cereal is obvious, and it’s easy to see why.

What’s the deal with this new brand of cereal we’re crazy about? The enchanted spoon. If you’re wondering why we’re so excited about breakfast cereal, it’s because Magic Spoon isn’t your average breakfast cereal. It looks exactly like your typical bowl of Os, but it’s packed with protein, sugar-free, and grain- and gluten-free.

Why Should I Use It?

Magic Spoon has unique and attractive packaging. The cereal can be used in a number of different ways, making it a favorite among users. The flavor is not too sweet or too sour, so it is ideal for those who are still learning to enjoy the taste of fruits and veggies.

How Do I Use It?

This product should be combined with milk or water before being consumed. Alternatively, you can enjoy them as they are for a sweet snack on the go. Some prefer to mix with yogurt for their breakfast or lunch choices.

Where Should I Put It?

It comes in packages that contain five servings each. They are perfect for individual servings and can be placed in a lunch box, or keep them in your bag while out and about. You can use Magic Spoon on your cereal bar as well.

It is available at select stores throughout the United States, as well as online. A Classic flavor is also offered. It is gluten-free and sugar-free. The ingredients are gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, dairy-free, tree nut-free, soy-free and sugar-free.

Should I Buy It for My Kids?

Parents who have children that are picky eaters will like this product. There is no guilt attached to using it. It is perfect for those whose tastes are still developing, as well. In fact, it was created for parents who do not want their child to have a sweet tooth too soon.

Where Can I Buy it?

You can get it from several locations across the nation. The product is available on Amazon and other websites that offer products for sale to individuals and families throughout America.

Why Do People Love It?

It is the perfect solution for kids with food allergies. The product is gluten-free, dairy-free and has no corn or soy. Adults who are looking for a healthier option will also enjoy this product. It appeals to those who want to keep their sugary cravings at bay.

There are two most popular flavors of this cereal. They are chocolate and blueberry. They were available in a box containing 5 packages of each flavor (one serving per package).

Can I Use It As A Keto Diet?

One serving of Magic Spoon has just 4 grams of net carbohydrates. This is a little increase over the prior recipe, which contained 3 grams of net carbohydrates per serving.

Don’t let the seemingly excessive number of carbohydrates dissuade you. We get most of them from Allulose, another one of the favorite healthy keto sweeteners.

One of the best ways to acquire protein first thing in the morning is also non-GMO. Imagine this as a protein shake’s crunchier (and more delicious) cousin.

What are the magic spoon cereal ingredients?

What are the ingredients in this cereal? So, what exactly does a bowl of this cereal contain? Now, how does it compare? What follows is a breakdown of the key components.

magic spoon cereal ingredients

Dairy products are listed first on the ingredient label. Because of the substantial amount of dairy in it, it is very rich in protein. More than milk, there aren’t many other ingredients on the list, including tapioca starch, inulin (a fiber), various flavorings, and salt. The remaining components are usually chosen to complement the taste. For instance, Magic Spoon Cereal’s peanut butter taste is achieved by using peanut butter essence, peanut oil, and peanut flour.

Both gluten and soy are absent from this cereal. Because of the presence of dairy, it does not qualify as vegan.

What is it, then? The total carbs are calculated by excluding the fiber and sugar alcohol grams. Since our systems don’t metabolize fiber or sugar alcohols for fuel, consuming them isn’t expected to have a significant effect on blood sugar levels.

But hey, don’t forget that carbohydrates are essential to life and health. Something low in carbohydrates is not better for you or healthier than something higher in carbs; it’s simply different. Carbohydrates are essential. Protein and fat are essential, too. Low-carb diets are not always superior.

Is it okay to eat it?

Most of us have fallen for a product only to find out later that it contains substances that aren’t keto-friendly and cause us to question the macronutrient claims or, worse, cause us to get kicked out of ketosis. And I’m not talking about blueberries or cinnamon here.

Can People on Various Diets Enjoy It?

For those following a ketogenic or gluten-free diet, it may be an option for breakfast. What about dietary plans other than vegetarianism, though?

It’s not great for vegans or vegetarians since it’s mostly composed of dairy protein. There are other alternatives if you’re looking for a vegan cereal that’s strong in protein.

The Peanut Butter flavor includes both Peanut Flour and Peanut Oil; therefore, anyone with nut allergies should exercise caution before eating it. The other three varieties, however, do not include any nuts.


Eschewing cereals? You lucked out! This breakfast cereal has zero grains. However, those on a strict paleo diet should know that dairy, Allulose, and Sunflower Oil aren’t allowed in this recipe. Since peanuts are technically legumes, the peanut butter flavor is also off-limits for those following the paleo diet. Also, Magic spoon cereal ingredients are useful and healthy.

5 Airfood Recipes you can make right away to lift your mood!

Looking for ways to make your journey a better one? If yes, so the question arises how can you achieve this? And the answer lies in “air food”. A meal that can make or break your mood! So, in order to get joy to your journey, we have compiled these 5 airfood recipes that can make anyone go wow! 

Airfood: what do you need to know? 

“Airfood” refers to anything you cook in an oven, microwave, or in other appliances during a flight. And this airfood can help your journey to soothe up a little! As the saying goes “There’s nothing a good meal can’t fix, right??” 

Here are the top 5 Recipe that you are looking for: 

Airfood is somewhat that you use during an airline journey. This food is full of nutrients and has low calories which are beneficial to fit your body. Plus, it spices up your meal with its crispiness. Anyhow every meal has a proper recipe and it is easy to make! Here we’ll dive into the airfood recipes that you were promised to have.  

Air fried fish

Air fried fish

Air-fried fish is one of the simple and quick airfood recipes because there’s just a need for a few ingredients to make this recipe. If you want to serve your passengers your best, all you can do is fried fish. There are different recipes to cook which means you can deep fry it until it becomes crunchy! After it has fried, you can serve it with a variety of sauces to the people. In short, if you want to impress your passengers, this food is the best way!  

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There are countless easy and quick airfood recipes out there. Sandwiches with grilled cheese are one of the best quick and easy recipes.  

Here is a list of the following ingredients you will need to make this recipe: 

  • Slice of bread 
  • Cheese slice 
  • Butter or margarine 
  • Pepper and salt 
  • Condiments of your choice (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, etc.) 

Firstly, butter or margarine the bread and bake it for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees. After cutting the slices of bread into thin strips, spread the cheese strips over them. Toss the cheese slices with a pinch of salt and pepper. Lastly, serve the sandwiches immediately with any desired condiments. 

BBQ Pork Loin: 

BBQ Pork Loin

It is one of the recipes that you can make within a few minutes. To make this dish we need the ingredients are as follows: 

  • Pork loin 
  • Barbecue sauce 
  • Olive oil 
  • Salt & pepper 

Grill the pork over medium-high heat until it is cooked. After cooking the pork line, you can serve it with potatoes and rice!  

Kung pao chicken:

Kung pao chicken

If you are looking for a way to make an easy and quick recipe, you should try Kung pao chicken. Because it is the simplest way to inspire your passengers in a moment! You will need the following ingredients to make this dish that is below: 

  • Chicken 
  • Red pepper flakes 
  • Peanuts 

In addition, noodles and rice are great accompaniments to this dish.  

Moreover, you can make another quick recipe which is General Tso’s Chicken! To make this recipe you’d need: 

  • Chicken 
  • Garlic 
  • Green onion 
  • Soya sauce 

Briefly, it is the best way to please your passengers at lower rates.  

Grilled Salmon: 

Grilled Salmon

Nothing is better than grilled salmon to serving your passengers. It is too much delicious that will help you to get your passenger’s heart. Furthermore, it is easy to make with minimum cost and time. Here is the list of ingredients:  

  • Grill fillets 
  • Fresh lemon 
  • Some herbs (for taste) 

After preparing the food, you can serve it with vegetables or rice. Moreover, you can also use salad to increase the taste of the meal. Briefly, it is the best airfood that you should try if you ever have your airline flight.  

In a nutshell: 

In the above blog post, we have discussed five delicious airfood recipes! These recipes can make your journey full of joy and excitement. In short, take advantage of these easy and quick airfood recipes during your airline travel.