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Damian Musk – Complete biography

Damian Musk is an American celebrity and the son of the world’s richest man Elon Musk. He is 16 years old and is born as one of the Musk 10 children. The name Damian is unique and comes from the Greek word ‘to tame.’ 

Damian is Capricorn, and his ethnicity is mixed. His mother, Jennifer Justine Wilson, is a Canadian author. Although Damian is a talented boy, the main reason for his popularity is his father, Elon Musk, whose achievements are:

2002The Musk Foundation
2006Solar City
2016The Boring Company

Damian Parent’s Love Life:

Damian’s parents, Elon and Justine Wilser, went to the same college and were only 19 and 18.

Elon asked her out many times, and then one day, she finally said yes. They started living together in an apartment in Bay Area and shared it with three others. 

His parents married in 2000, and the couple lost their first child due to sudden infant death syndrome, due to which they decided to have all their babies through In Vitro Fertilization. They got divorced in 2008 and now share the custody of the children. His grandfather Errol Musk was an engineer, and his grandmother Maye Musk was a model.

Siblings and Their Life:

As a triplet, Damian was born on 1st January 2006 in the US, along with two brothers, Saxon Musk and Kai Musk. Damian has five siblings. The first older brother is Nevada Alexander, who died as a newborn. Griffin and Xavier Musk are the twins older brothers of Damian. He has four half-siblings X AE A-XII Musk, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, and the Twins (name not revealed yet). 

Recently one of his older brothers, Damian, i.e., Xavier Musk, announced changing his gender and name to Vivian Jenna Wilson and didn’t want to be related to Elon Musk. All the boys love their time together, playing video games and traveling.

Damian Musk’s stepmom:

Elon Musk has married many times and given Damian talented stepmoms!

After separating from his first wife, Elon married an actor Talulah Riley twice in 2010 and 2013. The second stepmom of Damian is Grimes, who is a Canadian musician.

Strong Relatives:

Not only the Musk family is talented, rich, and famous, but their relatives also hold a strong background. Damian’s paternal uncle Kimbal Musk is a restaurateur, chef, entrepreneur, and owner of three companies with a $700 million net worth. Kimball’s current wife is Christiana Wyly, the daughter of billionaire Sam Wyly.

Academic Career:

Elon Musk opened a school called Ad Astra academy for his children and kids of SpaceX employees in 2014. The school is co-funded by Elon Musk and former teacher Joshua Dahn. According to the latest news, there are only 40 pupils in the school, but financial support is still available.

 The education system here is different from other schools because they teach students based on their aptitude and not according to age or grade.

Ad Astra is only for learners from the age group 8-14 years. Anyone from around the world can join the school with a fee of $7,500 per year. The classes are on Thursdays only.

Damian’s main courses at the school are Artificial intelligence, coding, and design. In one of his interviews, Elon said that his children primarily educate themselves on YouTube and Reddit. The school doesn’t have any music or sports.


In one of their Twitter post, Elon Musk mentioned that Damian is becoming good at piano. According to his aptitude, artificial intelligence, coding, and design are his courses.

All the siblings enjoy playing video games and traveling with their father.

Elon said in his interviews that his technology does not excite or amuse his children, so you get the idea that Damian is not crazy about the technology world.

Relationship Status:

The Musk family hasn’t mentioned anything about the love life of Damian. The young boy Damian has never been shown with a girl closely or introduced to anyone publicly.

Social Media:

Damian is not active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, which is why people don’t know much about him.

Body measurements:

He is White with blonde hair color and Hazel eyes. The researcher couldn’t estimate his height and weight as he does not make any public appearance.

Net Worth:

Damian is just a 16 year old boy with a whole life in front of him and a lot to accomplish, and his net worth is unknown. However, his father’s net worth is $ 213.9 billion as of 2022.


Damian Musk usually appears in photographs by the paparazzi with his father, Elon Musk’s Instagram posts, and in the news about their family. He has never shown up alone or with any girl alone. The reason could be he is an introvert, camera shy, or want to keep his life private. He enjoys quite a luxurious life, but Elon Musk has developed a disciplined system to make them excellent human beings.