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Best 3 Point Slingers for Camera in 2023

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3 point slingers are the type of straps attached at the camera bottom. These are used to hold the camera comfortably over a non-dominant shoulder. It is better than 2 point slinger in many ways. 2 point slinger adds unnecessary strain on the neck and can imbalance the muscles. It cause pain while the weight is distributed to the body through the shoulder in 3 point slingers. And the photographer can transition it to different angles and capture good quality pics and videos because the camera is securely fixed in a place. It is the best option for carrying heavy cameras.

The point at which the slinger is attached to the bottom is where you can adjust your tripod stand for an outstanding experience. Three-point slinger is a modern invention that lets you multitask while holding the camera. You can go walking, riding in the vehicle, dancing, or doing your other tasks, and the moment you feel the perfect scene, you capture it on your camera. Let’s check out the best camera straps for 2023:

1. Black Rapid Camera Slings:

Bllack Rapid

Black Rapid camera sling is one of the hottest demands of photographers and video makers in the market. It is suitable for approximately every kind of purpose. It is the most expensive camera sling you’ll ever find, as it covers the damage cost if the harness fails and opens up. The price range of the Black Rapid sling starts at $70 at Walmart.

They made it ergonomically so well and have the comfiest and most breathable strap, and your camera can slide through it easily from bottom to top, and you are ready to capture your spontaneous moments. It consists of an underarm stabilizer that holds the shoulder pad in place. The strap length is good and is adjustable as well. It would be best if you tied The FastenR5’s fitting with the camera so that your camera doesn’t fall off. You can have this type of slinger in a black mesh bag. Black Rapid has further introduced its three types which are given below

  1. Black Rapid Breathe Sport
  2. Black Rapid Curve Breathe
  3. Black Rapid Double Breathe


One of the minor issues that people face is that the hanging-down position of the camera runs against people, and you must unscrew the strap first and then place it on a tripod.

2. Altura Rapid Fire Neck Strap:

Altura Rapid Fire

The Altura strap is one of the most simple and economical three-pointed camera slingers. They made Altura ergonomically well, which is adjustable and easy to use. People gave quite a rating to this product. It has a shoulder pad with a zipped pocket to store small items like money, batteries, cards, etc. 

The shoulder strap is made up of plastic which is not so durable; this could be the reason it’s cheaper as compared to other slingers. It is only $15, and you can choose it as the best budget slinger. It could be the best option for beginner photographers. You can attach the camera with a tripod without removing the camera plate. This quick-release design makes this slinger a travel and adventure buddy.


One of the most significant drawbacks of the Altura strap is that there is no proper locking system between the belt and the camera, the safety tether is weak, and your expensive camera can fall off, and they don’t cover your loss.

3. Waka:

Waka is quite popular among customers. It is comfortable, high quality, and easy to use, and you can get it at only $16.99. It has a shoulder pad and waist built for your comfort level. An anti-slippery and air-passing Neoprene shoulder pad that you can hang on either side of the shoulder, and it equally distributes the weight throughout the body. You can put camera accessories and small things in the shoulder pad pocket.

Waka is an adjustable camera slinger with a size range of 20.8 to 31.5. Robust stainless steel clasps are present for a firmer grip. It has a solid metal quick plate, so you can place your camera on the tripod without removing the mount base. Waka has a strong and secure tether system. Adjust the buckles and use the camera according to your choice.

4. Ocim:

The Ocim slinger is on the hot-selling list due to its high quality. It is cheaper than the most expensive and high-quality brand camera slinger like BlackRapid, so it’s better to invest in the Ocim camera strap. It has a solid adjustable strap with a fixed, breathable shoulder pad. 

A safety strap is also present along with a slinger to help you hold the camera firmly and gives extra safety. The safety is enhanced with the metal clip lock. The shoulder pad doesn’t have a pocket to hold things up. You can get it for $13 only, which is relatively lower than other camera slingers.

5.Foto And Tech Slinger:

Foto and Tech is one of the finest slingers, which gives you comfort and an adjustable strap over the shoulder. It can hold a weight of up to 300kg and is widely used at official events and adventures like hiking. The shoulder pad is soft, strong, breathable, and non-slippery, which makes it high quality. 

It has three quick-release buckles and a built-in water-repellent sling, so it’ll be safe to use in the rain. They don’t have a pocket in them, but they have a clip to hang a pen there. The tether strap gives extra security to the camera. You can get in for only in $20.


We have already described all aspects of the best 3 point slingers for cameras above. So it’s up to the customer what he is looking for exactly. But we suggest you buy a Black Rapid camera sling. Although it’s a bit expensive, it is made up of strong and durable material, and it covers the loss that may be caused due to the defect in a sling. The second best option is the Waka camera slinger, which is robust, economical, and has many other features.

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