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5 Airfood Recipes you can make right away to lift your mood!

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Looking for ways to make your journey a better one? If yes, so the question arises how can you achieve this? And the answer lies in “air food”. A meal that can make or break your mood! So, in order to get joy to your journey, we have compiled these 5 airfood recipes that can make anyone go wow! 

Airfood: what do you need to know? 

“Airfood” refers to anything you cook in an oven, microwave, or in other appliances during a flight. And this airfood can help your journey to soothe up a little! As the saying goes “There’s nothing a good meal can’t fix, right??” 

Here are the top 5 Recipe that you are looking for: 

Airfood is somewhat that you use during an airline journey. This food is full of nutrients and has low calories which are beneficial to fit your body. Plus, it spices up your meal with its crispiness. Anyhow every meal has a proper recipe and it is easy to make! Here we’ll dive into the airfood recipes that you were promised to have.  

Air fried fish

Air fried fish

Air-fried fish is one of the simple and quick airfood recipes because there’s just a need for a few ingredients to make this recipe. If you want to serve your passengers your best, all you can do is fried fish. There are different recipes to cook which means you can deep fry it until it becomes crunchy! After it has fried, you can serve it with a variety of sauces to the people. In short, if you want to impress your passengers, this food is the best way!  

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

There are countless easy and quick airfood recipes out there. Sandwiches with grilled cheese are one of the best quick and easy recipes.  

Here is a list of the following ingredients you will need to make this recipe: 

  • Slice of bread 
  • Cheese slice 
  • Butter or margarine 
  • Pepper and salt 
  • Condiments of your choice (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, etc.) 

Firstly, butter or margarine the bread and bake it for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees. After cutting the slices of bread into thin strips, spread the cheese strips over them. Toss the cheese slices with a pinch of salt and pepper. Lastly, serve the sandwiches immediately with any desired condiments. 

BBQ Pork Loin: 

BBQ Pork Loin

It is one of the recipes that you can make within a few minutes. To make this dish we need the ingredients are as follows: 

  • Pork loin 
  • Barbecue sauce 
  • Olive oil 
  • Salt & pepper 

Grill the pork over medium-high heat until it is cooked. After cooking the pork line, you can serve it with potatoes and rice!  

Kung pao chicken:

Kung pao chicken

If you are looking for a way to make an easy and quick recipe, you should try Kung pao chicken. Because it is the simplest way to inspire your passengers in a moment! You will need the following ingredients to make this dish that is below: 

  • Chicken 
  • Red pepper flakes 
  • Peanuts 

In addition, noodles and rice are great accompaniments to this dish.  

Moreover, you can make another quick recipe which is General Tso’s Chicken! To make this recipe you’d need: 

  • Chicken 
  • Garlic 
  • Green onion 
  • Soya sauce 

Briefly, it is the best way to please your passengers at lower rates.  

Grilled Salmon: 

Grilled Salmon

Nothing is better than grilled salmon to serving your passengers. It is too much delicious that will help you to get your passenger’s heart. Furthermore, it is easy to make with minimum cost and time. Here is the list of ingredients:  

  • Grill fillets 
  • Fresh lemon 
  • Some herbs (for taste) 

After preparing the food, you can serve it with vegetables or rice. Moreover, you can also use salad to increase the taste of the meal. Briefly, it is the best airfood that you should try if you ever have your airline flight.  

In a nutshell: 

In the above blog post, we have discussed five delicious airfood recipes! These recipes can make your journey full of joy and excitement. In short, take advantage of these easy and quick airfood recipes during your airline travel.

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