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7 tips for planning and promoting your office’s corporate paint party

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Over the past few decades, companies have realized how important it is to have teambuilding and leisure activities at the office to promote employee wellbeing. This not only helps people let off steam but is also essential for building bonds which contributes to the overall success of the organization. 

Corporate paint parties are a major example of these activities and have become really popular recently. Basically, people get together and are given paint and canvas to replicate a painting an instructor shows them how to make. Often, these are paired with wine or other refreshments. If you’re planning your own corporate paint party, here are a few tips to host and promote it.  

Define your agenda

First of all, you need to decide your goals and agenda for the party. Is this a reward for sales performance or is it just a special quarterly team building event? Once you know the goals and have your budget, you can decide the guest list, and work on actually planning the event. 

Design your promotion materials according to the agenda, and also make it clear in the invitations you will inevitably make and share. 

Share your invite

Create an appealing paint party invite using the templates on PosterMyWall. This way, you’ll just have to plug in the details and change up the colors a bit. These should include the date, time, venue, and agenda of the paint party. The design should be crisp and appealing and should include your company branding. 

You can share this invite online, and also print them out for your employees. You can even save the invite to a folder on PosterMyWall, for future events and reference.

Find the right vendor

This is an essential part of the event. There are many vendors out there offering paint party services, but you need to do your research to find the right one. Look at online listings for these vendors and go through the reviews. 

Once you find a few options with decent reviews, shortlist them for quotes and further details. Negotiate a package with them that works for you, and then you can hire them for the relevant date and time. You should also discuss what paintings will be made so that you can pick something for everyone’s skill level. In addition, if you need a venue, work with the vendor on that detail as well. 

Communicate all the details

Communicate all the relevant details of the event to the participants. Let them know about the venue, date, time, and what they will be doing. In addition, make sure they know it’s a paint party, so that they dress accordingly and don’t ruin their favorite outfits. 

Furthermore, if you’re offering refreshments that require preordering, ask the participants to make their choices so that you can make the arrangements well in time. These details should be shared a week or so before the event so that people can clear their schedules and be ready for the event. 

Arrange refreshments

Make the event more fun by arranging a few refreshments. These can be drinks and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Make sure your menu is inclusive and also fits well with the activity. After all, if you’re offering chicken wings while painting, then it won’t really work. Easy-to-eat canapes work best for this purpose. 

Often, paint party vendors have their own menus for you to choose from. However, if you want to arrange catering from another vendor or simply put drinks and snacks out yourself, you have that option as well. 

Have photos taken

Have a photographer present at the event to take nice pictures. This will make the paint party memorable for everyone, and will also let you market your company’s work culture. Let the participants share these photos on their social media pages so that you get the most leverage possible. 

In addition, you can use these pictures in your marketing collateral and hiring videos as well to show potential hires how you appreciate your employees. 

Share the event’s success on social media

You can promote your paint party by sharing it on your social media platforms. Also, share small videos of the participants having fun at this party to showcase your company culture and positive environment. 

This will not only create a good impression of your company but will also encourage potential recruits to apply when you’re hiring for positions. This covers multiple bases, so you shouldn’t ignore this step. 

In conclusion, a corporate paint party is sure to be a success. You just need to plan and promote it properly for the best results. 

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