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5 Reasons You May Need a Notary Public

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A notary public is a public official designated by a state to attest to the authenticity of papers before their official filing. Notaries are essential when combating fraud and ensuring that papers are legally valid.

This article will go through the five most common reasons why you’ll require the services of a notary public.

Why You Might Require the Services of a Notary Public

For Legal Documents

Wills, trusts, and powers of attorney are typical uses for notaries, among other legal papers. To establish credibility and legal standing, these papers must be notarized. A notary public will ascertain the signer’s identity and be present throughout the signing process to guarantee that the document was signed willingly and without compulsion. Legal papers that have been notarized increase their credibility and validity, making them more difficult to forge.

For Real Estate Transactions

Buying or selling a property entails a lot of documentation, and most of that paperwork needs notarization. Notarization is required for all mortgage papers, deeds, and other legal documents about real estate. If all paperwork is properly signed before a notary public, the transaction will go more smoothly, and there will be fewer future legal concerns.

For Financial Documents

Loan agreements, promissory notes, and contracts are just some financial papers that must be notarized. The notary public shall ascertain the signer’s identification and be present throughout the signing process to vouch for the signer’s free will. The additional protection provided by a notary public is invaluable in these situations, as is the assurance that all parties have read and fully understood the agreement.

For International Travel

Your passport may need to be notarized if you intend to travel abroad, and a notary public can attest to the authenticity of your passport copy, which certain nations may require. A notarized letter of approval may also be required from a parent permitting their minor’s trip.

For Legal Disputes

A notary public may be required to attest legal papers (such as affidavits and witness testimonies) if you find yourself in a legal dispute. Witness oaths and affirmations may also need the presence of a notary public. Legal proceedings benefit from the involvement of a notary public because they guarantee that all papers are binding and admissible as evidence in court.

Factors to Consider About Notary Publics


Verify that the notary public you want to employ has the proper qualifications. Verify if they have the proper credentials to notarize documents in your jurisdiction. You may check with the appropriate state or municipal authorities to clarify a notary public’s legitimacy.


Consider the availability of a notary public before scheduling a meeting, as they may have limited hours or a restricted schedule. Mobile or online services could be an option if you are unable to visit their office. You can search for “notary public near me” online to find one nearby who will work with your schedule.


There is often a price associated with having a document notarized by a public official, albeit that amount might vary from state to state and city to city. You should inquire about costs and shop around for the best pricing.


Find a notary public who has expertise in notarizing your specific kind of document. Real estate transactions and legal papers are only two examples of the documents that certain notary publics may specialize in.

Types of Notary Publics

Commissioned Notary Public

The vast majority of notary publics are commissioned notaries. Notary publics are sworn officers of the state, meaning they may legally be present for the signing of legal papers and the administration of oaths. Documents notarized by a traditional public notary will often be stamped or sealed with a rubber stamp.

Electronic Notary Public

Notaries permitted to do notarizations online are e-notaries or electronic notary publics. This allows them to use video conferencing software and digital signatures to verify and witness the signing of papers remotely. Digital signatures and specialized software allow electronic notaries to authenticate their notarizations on digital documents.


In conclusion, a notary public is essential, from signing legal papers to authenticating travel documents across borders. They provide credibility to papers and guarantee they will hold up in court. If you require the services of a notary public, it is in your best interest to choose an honest and reliable individual.

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